The Meaning of Life
Out of the clouds, back down to Earth

If you came to expecting glorious photos of the sky, sea, stars or a tranquil mountain lake, you’ve come to the wrong Meaning of Life . 😊 This site is under construction, but the image below is here to stay. It reflects our commitment to bringing “What is the Meaning of Life?” out of the clouds, back down to earth, and into the immediacy of today’s world and our lives.

We’re all stuck in traffic in one way another; living in our heads or caught up in drama or trying to do too much at once. At the same time, we’re all riders on this train, determined to cross a bridge to lives rich with enduring love and happiness rooted in inner peace and deeper meaning.


But “What is the Meaning of Life?” has been approached in such a lofty and abstract way that for many people, it’s not a guidepost; it’s a lost cause. Why?  We haven’t been fair to “Meaning” or “Life”. They’ve been defined far too narrowly. “Meaning” isn’t just central to what we do or believe. It’s inseparable from who we are and how we feel every day. There’s nothing abstract about it.

We aren’t going to tell you the Meaning of Life; we’re neither divine nor psychotic, and we believe it is different for everyone, even those pursuing identical, even Biblical, goals. But we are going to bring a fresh approach to how you can find your own answer – and use it every day.

The site will be up soon. If you have questions in the meantime, please write to We’re still assembling our team, but when we go live, we’ll of course introduce ourselves by name. But generally speaking, we’re just like you – riding the same train and trying to cross the bridge into the sun. In the meantime, remember: Every day above ground is a good day.  😊